While There Were No Putins in the Lead…

It became somehow uninteresting to write about Putin.

Well, he is athlete. Well, he didn't take vacation for election campaign as he urgently should learn to play hockey. Well, he has other 12 years ahead. Well, he will learn to play football for doublers of "Spartak" and to play curling for the female national team as well as ballroom dances. Well, he should continue having good time, not appearing on the screen. While he appears and speaks. He says such things that there’s an impression that you deal with the alien who has come only yesterday and found himself directly in the crow shot of Svanidze’s program.

Thus on May 8, 2012 someone made him speak up at the meeting of the State Duma devoted to appointment of Medvedev on a post of the prime minister:

“About crisis. Yes, crisis was deep and we "fell" deeper, than many countries, it’s absolutely precise. Why? Due to the fact that we have one-sided economy. Whether it developed only yesterday? It’s been developing this way for already 7Y years. Because everything that we produced…

Yes, my dear. There’s nothing to discuss here. The matter is that all that we produced (one shouldn’t protest) wasn’t necessary to anybody, because nobody bought our galoshes except Africans who should walk on hot sand. That’s why.

We had defense industry – cool, strong and we are still proud of it. We are grateful to our grandfathers and our fathers that they created such defense industry after the Great Patriotic War.

FROM HALL: … And first satellite.

V. PUTIN: Both the first satellite and the first person in space - our general pride, these are achievements of the Soviet power and we are proud of them. These are national achievements.

But consumer goods … Zhirinovsky already told about it. Where were they? We didn’t have them. Let's not say lies to each other and to people. People know what was available and what wasn’t”.

If they in KGB are all such moronic? That time he told that there were no meat cattle in the USSR, now that there were no consumer goods. What planet did he come from? From that one where morons are told about galoshes on hot sand?

As it is a question of affairs of bygone days, let’s use data of A.Prigarin and A.Vinogradov of twenty years' prescription when information supplied by them on economy of the USSR was still fresh and could be challenged by contemporaries from opposite camp.

From the beginning.

The joint research carried out by the Houston University of the USA and the Scientific-Research Economic Institute at the State Planning Committee of the USSR showed that in 1861 national income per capita in Russia made about 40 percent in comparison with Germany and 16 percent in comparison with the USA. In 50 years, in 1913 already only 32 percent from a level of Germany and 11,5 percent from the American level. That is, backlog of imperial Russia from the advanced countries increased and the words about century backwardness of Russia weren't a slander.

In 1913 the share of Russia in a world industrial output was just a little more than 4 percent, while its population made 9 percent from world population. It means that the volume of goods per capita in Russia was in two and a half times less, than in other world, including Asia, Africa and South America, i.e. the poorest regions of the world.

In the USSR, to the middle of the 80s years specific weight of the population was reduced to 5,5 percent from the world’s total, but the share of industrial output of the Soviet Union in the world volume reached already 14,5 percent. This figure is mentioned in the statistical collection which CIA of the USA annually prepares. According to these American data, it turns out that the level of industrial production in the Soviet Union exceeded average world level almost three times per capita. In other words, for 70 years of the Soviet power in the USSR industry had been developing 6 times quicker, than in other world. In 6 times!

If to take the national income, on calculation executed on the basis of the American data, in 1985 it made 57 percent from the national income of the USA and in terms per capita - 46, 2 percent instead of 11.5 percent of the year 1913. It means that the national income of the USSR for that period grew 4 times quicker, than the American one. In 4 times! Let’s remind that it was the time of war!

And even in so-called stagnation, development of the USSR still went quicker, than development of the capitalist world. So, for 1981-1985 the gross national product of the USSR increased for 20 percent, the USA - for 14 percent, France and Italy - for 8 percent, Germany - for 6 percent and only Japan - for 21 percent.

Even in the period of so-called stagnation, development of the USSR still went quicker, than development of the capitalist world. So, for 1981-1985 gross national product of the USSR increased by 20 percent, of the USA - by 14 percent, France and Italy – by 8 percent, Germany - by 6 percent and only Japan - by 21 percent.

The Soviet Russia produced 17,9% of the world machine-building production, from them 22% of world production of metal-cutting machines, 46% of combines, 11,3% of the equipment for food industry, 63,2% of the power equipment, 27% of planes, up to 50% of military equipment, 21% of lorries and 4,8% of automobiles.

The USSR was one of the largest suppliers of machine-building production. Though the USSR produced only 17,9% of machine-building production, while capitalist countries - 73,1 % (without the People's Republic of China), high

quality of our equipment can be proved by the fact that it was used in 35% of key branches of industry of Democratic People's Republic of Korea, 36% of India, 45% of Iran, 65% of Pakistan, 20% of Turkey, 50% of Algeria, 25% of Egypt, 50% of Libya. The USSR made in 1990-1991 (for one year) 13,2 billion square meters of fabric or 37,8 sq.m per capita (for comparison: Germany - 32 sq.m per capita). Including 75% of world production of linen fabrics, 12% of silk, 13% of cotton, 19% of wool - 2,6 sq.m per capita (for comparison: Germany - 2,4 sq.m, the USA - 0,7 sq.m).

There were produced 22% of knitted products in the USSR from the world one, for example, in 2,5 times more than in Japan.

27% of world production of leather footwear were made in the USSR, it’s in 4 times more than in the People's Republic of China, in 6 times more, than in the USA, in 3 times more than in Japan. It’s besides the point of Putin’s galoshes on hot sand.

Even in 1991, already in the time of disorganization of the economy of the USSR by Gorbachev production in the country increased. Washing machines - by 5%, tape recorders - by 8%, vacuum cleaners - by 7%, meat grinders - by 3,5%, radio tape recorders - by 3,4%, sewing machines of Zigzag type - by 2%, the rest remained approximately at a level of 1989-1990. The USSR made 9-10 million TVs (10,9% of world production, Germany - 5 million, Japan - 12 million). Electro vacuum cleaners - 6 million pieces (12,4% of world production, Japan - 6,6 million, Germany - 4,6 million). Irons made 16 million pieces (15% of world production), refrigerators - 6,5 million pieces (17,4% of world production, Japan - 5 million), washing machines - 6 million (12,6% of world production, Japan - 4 million, Germany - 2 million), cameras – 3 million pieces (4,4% of world production), watches - 72 million pieces (17,1% of world production).

Those who understand figures could understand everything from the provided data, while those who are not used to work with them, I will tell that it is phenomenally huge volumes and even more phenomenal rates of development. None economy of the world knew the rates of our planned economy.

While it was not headed by the party of traitors, swindlers and thieves.