To Place Prosecutor – General into Prison?..

Now there are a lot of sites on the Internet gathering signatures under various addresses aiming to change situation in Russia somehow. As visible part of problem of Russia is Putin (or his clones) there is, certainly, site about taking Putin to court of the Hague Tribunal That site was created by the Russian lawyer Igor Kovrigin hiding away in Sweden.

It’s good thing, but doubtful though Kovrigin offers almost what we are demanding gathering signatures with the requirement to arrest accounts of the Public prosecutor of Russia Chajka abroad. What’s the difference? Why not to bear together hard on Putin?

Because there is no strength to fight against Putin. Such tasks can’t be solved with our opposition presented by a hybrid of putting on brave face stupidity and philosophizing cowardice. Why?

Let's look at a question through my eyes.

All present ruling camarilla in Russia is ancient toadies of the West and the West at its mind and sensible memory won’t hand its toadies over. Won't hand over!

However, the West, in itself is not a uniform fascist clique as in Russia, it is a conglomerate of even if poorly but competing political and financial groups. Within this rivalry some clans can fail to find anything more suitable for political struggle, than criticism of the ruling party for support of fascist Putin. As, say, senator McCain in his rhetoric with Obama, or the Congress of the USA which accepted the list of Magnitsky having been frozen by the owner of Putin - Obama. That is if to attract enough attention not to some, but to accurately chosen Russian problem, the West can make some movements towards necessary to Russia direction. Especially if the West considers that it will be insignificant movements which do not threaten to Putin’s mode.

The West won’t do anything significant, large against ruling clique, let even all Moscow go to the meeting. Besides, Putin has been elected by people (the way he has been chosen is the second question) and it is very cardinal. For today Putin has a strong trump which opposition even doesn't try to beat out from his hands – the voters who have voted for him. The West can kill itself but won’t undertake anything against Putin, the more so Putin had support of voters. Therefore, there’s no use to attack Putin – we will only waste our forces.

Further. Who are judges in Hague? These are unconditionally unscrupulous swine and they convincingly proved it both in case of Milosevic with his generals and in Gaddafi’s case. It is instrument of fighting propaganda of fascists of the USA and NATO. Till these bandits won't attack chosen by then country, the judicial swine in Hague will keep mum. Both Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, Fidel and the same Lukashenko can serve as an example.

Besides, there’s case-law in the West and till now there are no precedents when the court in Hague condemnede incumbent president. Especially, with which the USA is happy.

There’s one more nuance – judges in Hague are appointed by the governments, therefore they are completely dependent on them and are supervised from uniform center. If they will be ordered to bark – they will bark to blue in the face, if they will be told to shut up – they will immediately shut up. I would like very much that the Tribunal in Hague condemned Putin, but I consider it extremely improbable already for this reason.

Now about the case. Kovrigin's site is inaccessible, here you are what I managed to read there:

“Situation of total dictatorship of V. V. Putin being characterized by all possible types of criminal activity has been created in Rissia. The whole activity of Putin and criminal community run by him is genocide crimes, crimes against humanity and war crimes according to the norms of International law.

Million Russians live beyond poverty and die from hunger while Russia has enormous super-income from the sale of national wealth which don't reach people and find their place in the pockets of heads of junta living in luxury and idleness. All Economy of Russia is in the hands of Putin and his gangs”.

Charges of Putin in genocide of people and murder of certain citizens from his team are extremely difficult to be proved in court while Putin is in power in Russia. One can talk and write about it as much as one needs, but every court needs not newspaper articles and emotions, but witnesses giving evidences under oath. Where they will appear from in Hague even if the Tribunal brings up action? Judges will listen for several years to the chatting of different persons living abroad, of such persons whose place are exactly in prison such as Berezovsky and will acquit Putin. It will be even worse.

For the court signatures under address collected by Kovrigin are senseless as the court theoretically serves only to the law (in our case – to the indication of administration). To react to pressure of the crowd is similar to a crime for a judge.

So, what are against address to the court in Hague?

1. Putin's too high status and his electivity.

2. Very high requirement – to put incumbent president into prison.

3. Judges in Hague are appointed, not elected.

4. Judges there - proved themselves villains.

5. Signatures of citizens and their quantity under address are senseless for the Tribunal.

6. Judges is guided by case-law and there is no precedent of recognition incumbent president guilty.

7. To prove Putin's crimes, while Putin is in power, is very difficult, even to independent and honest judges.

It’s about Kovrigin's project.

We, Referendum Initiative Group “ZOV”, offer not to click teeth on Putin but to sign appeal to the European parliament with the requirement to deprive the Public Prosecutor Chaijka of visas and to arrest his accounts

Let's begin with the fact that the Public Prosecutor isn't elected by people. He is very high official, but no more, than the official.

Then, we ask very little in comparison with condemnation of Putin. Only to deprive Chajka of visas to Europe and to arrest his accounts and only till the time when he would follow the law and carry on check.

Further. What’s the difference of parliamentarians in comparison with judges of the Tribunal?

Let's begin with the statement that if deputies of the State Duma of Russia in the majority are simply villains proud of their being what they are, villains in the European parliament are different. No, I think that there are no honest people there as well. But! The deputies of the European Parliament, unlike judges and the Tribunal, need to be elected regularly. While for elective campaign arguments are necessary. As in questions of economy and the state construction local deputies are the same way fools as the domestic ones, thought clear even to a fool argument of fight for democracy can be seductive.

There is a precedent – deprivation of visas and arrest of accounts belonging not only to the officials of Belarus, but to officials of Russia according to “the list Magnitsky”. To say no to us means to refuse available precedent and to create new precedent inexplicable for voters. There is one more precedent – in Great Britain the question which gathered on the Internet 100 thousand people («Electronic petitions») should be considered by the Parliament. That is petition is very effective in relation to the addresses in parliament.

There is no need to prove anything to anybody, Europe has recognized long ago that elections in Russia have been forged. Even Hillary Clinton peeped in the address of her toady, she condemned violations on elections, in fact she had no chance not to do it.

There is also one more argument “pro”. To put Putin in prison is simple and clear even to the deputy, while consequences which will follow the check of the results of voting on elections to the Duma by the State Office of Public Prosecutor is inaccessible to understanding even to our domestic putting on brave face stupidity and philosophizing cowardice in opposition. There are hopes that parliamentarians of the European Union won't understand what actually we are talking about, they won't understand that, actually, we don’t need any Chajka. We need revision of elections to the Duma and of the president, the beginning of this revision will be put by public prosecutor's check of the results of vote on December, 4th of the previous year.