Did Timoshenko and Janukovich Agree to Share Ukraine with Each Other?

Leaders of two largest political forces of Ukraine - Yulia Timoshenko and Victor Janukovich - preliminary coordinated the project of the new constitution which provides that the president of the country would be chosen by parliament, the Internet edition of "Ukrainian Truth" referring to its sources informs on Sunday.


Nowadays the head of the state is selected during the national voting.


"The project of the new constitution assumes election of the president in parliament and prolongation of powers of the present Supreme Rada till 2014", - is stated in the message.


As the edition marks, personal meeting of Janukovich and Timoshenko took place on Saturday.

The project of "Big Deal" which assumes creation of a wide coalition in parliament was also preliminary coordinated, it stated in the message. The document also assumes joint actions of Block of Yulia Timoshenko (BYUT) and Party of Regions till 2024, including participation in parliamentary elections as uniform block, the edition informs.

BYUT and Party of Regions which have in parliament the largest fractions exceeding together the constitutional majority (300 voices) carry out within a year with variable success negotiations about creation of coalition and acceptance of new edition of the constitution which will contain as the key item further redistribution of imperious powers from the president to the prime minister. According to the experts, in this scheme Timoshenko will keep a post of the head of the government and Janukovich will be elected the president that will become his revenge for the failure in 2004 to the present head of the state Victor Yushchenko.

President Yushchenko considers that Janukovich and Timoshenko wish to rewrite the constitution "for themselves" and to divide the country "for two". The head of the state declared that if new edition of the organic law would be submitted to parliament, he would declare the constitutional referendum.

From editorial board: A lot of people in Ukraine name June, 10-12th as a certain boundary after which it will become clear what will take place in Ukraine the next year - presidential elections or delegation of power by some other way, not obligatory peace one.


Except Janukovich, Yushchenko and Timoshenko there are in this country other prominent political figures - that is even more important, there are groups of interests which will not be pleased if all Ukrainian "vrada" passes to two politicians and groups of their support.


Firstly, active west of the country appears to be "carted off", though it got disappointed in Yushchenko, it understands perfectly well that Julia Vladimirovna would not represent these specific enough interests.

Secondly, all the left appear in the same configuration - Communistic Party of Ukraine, Block of Litvin and Socialist Party, PSPU and other smaller ones. All of them become at once marginalias.

Thirdly, it's clear that Yushchenko will not sit waiting while he would be practically pushed aside - it is absolutely unessential that it will end in referendum. Basically, he can accuse Janukovich and Timoshenko of the constitutional revolution and to solve a problem using force - if he would have enough determination and influence on power structures.

There could be found the fourth and the fifth reason.

The essence of a question is that Ukraine is again entering a run of unpredictable actions and unpredictable results of these actions. The time of the world crisis multiplied by catastrophic condition of national economy is not the most suitable for carrying out of constitutional reforms. Actually that's where Gorbachev was wrong - attempt to carry out political reform in astable economic situation led to death of the country.