About Possible Splits in the Work of the Kremlin Tandem

 Few days ago in one central Russian printing mass media experts surely predicted acceleration of political crisis in our country, thus split of so-called ruling elite becomes its dominating aspect. We lived to the moment when salaried and voluntary political scientists pass to active phase of intimidation of inhabitants that life of simple Russians can worsen if disorder happen among our most illustrious gentlemen.

They are, undoubtedly, talking about possible cracks in activity of the Kremlin political tandem which clearly showed both our society and all world community distinct gait of a bull, to be more exact a bear, in a china shop.

Concept of uniting people of the country round the party “United Russia” was in the center of domestic policy of the Kremlin throughout all post-Yeltsin time. Performance of this concept reached now sad and logic culmination in, as many politicians believe, complete disbelief of the Russians in all social achievements of the ruling party, especially, on elective fields.

So, most likely, it will be not a split of the ruling elite which will drive the Russian Federation into deadly dive of political crisis, but various political and economic maneuvers of “United Russia” which either involuntarily or on purpose has been shaking social order of our country by way of passing of some most stupid laws which have worsened life of people. The more so, in my opinion, there’s no ruling elite in Russia, there is only strong economic union of a small group of not very competent people, the union designated by some analysts as association (on the base of personal self-interest) of representatives of sociopolitical punks.

Policy of “United Russia” played role of peculiar catalyst which pushed the Kremlin and tandem to opening of social fights in the state. The main trouble is that our vigorous on words political leaders even today have no a little bit clear idea about complex financial and economic and social problems tormenting the Russian society. In my opinion, both Putin and Medvedev actually preferred (probably, out of folly or on purpose) to neglect state regulation, having passed solution of the above-stated problems into the hands of unsuitable for these purposes ministers. Unless it’s the reason why state machinery functions with periodic failures?

Personally I don’t believe that the president and, especially, the prime minister will manage to achieve any basic positive changes in economic and political situation of Russia. V.V.Putin entered six-year presidential term which should become the most vigorous and inconsistent in the history of the modern Russian Federation. Putin perfectly understands that the present government headed by Medvedev against jumping world prices for oil is capable only to ascertain passively increase of preconditions of serious political, economic, social and even military events which would stir up all country. He understands, but for some reason ignores objective need of revision of important strokes of domestic state policy.

There is an impression that the president of Russia Vladimir Putin is very much satisfied with weak prime minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. If to follow elementary logic it means that strategic objective of presidency of Vladimir Vladimirovich is directed against interests of the population of the Russian Federation, in particular against formation of strong structure of the government capable to improve really position of working people and unprotected citizens of the country. If it so, physical split of Russia is inevitable, for Medvedev's government isn't capable to restore the Russian economy on a modern basis s that it could become effective remedy of improvement of life of ALL Russians.

Realities seem to laugh at some actions of unfortunate prime minister. For example, visiting recently the Far East Dmitry Anatolyevich became the main political character of the ceremony of putting into operation cable-stayed bridge over Golden Horn. That is he opened that special object constructed to the summit of APEC. After solemn opening of the bridge to Russky Island and departure of the prime minister it became clear that the bridge wasn't ready to operation. In any case, as “Vostok-Media” reported, mass action “On foot across the bridge” declared earlier by the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev was postponed for uncertain period.

Mister D. Medvedev also made a slip a couple of days before termination of presidential term when at the beginning of May, 2012 he nevertheless handed over the highest award of the Russian Federation the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called for exclusive merits promoting glory of Russia to the president of the International Foundation of Socio-Economic and Political Studies (The Gorbachev Foundation) Mikhail Gorbachev. One more casus happens here: The Gorbachev Foundation under the new law on non-profit organizations receives status of the foreign agent. As the deputy of the State Duma Robert Shlegel declared to the newspaper “Izvestiya”: “He is more than any other can apply for the role of the foreign agent…”

I won’t be surprised at all, if it’ll appear that Gorbachev is employee of some foreign service.

Mister Shlegel, it won't surprise me at all. Generally Gorbachev won't die from modesty presenting his fund as one of the first independent think-tank in modern Russia: “It carries out researches of the socio-economic and political problems actual for present stage of the Russian and world history”.

It is interesting where it is possible to familiarize with these researches, in the library of the State department of the USA? Or, may be, in special storage rooms of CIA? It’s difficult to find fruits of creative activity of The Gorbachev Foundation in Russia, as well as to understand for what real merits before Fatherland Medvedev awarded a person who based a fund which is going to get the status of the foreign agent.

It possible to think a lot over similar strange actions of political preferences of the present head of the government, but in any case attention of even the worst analyst will concentrate on the main thing: Dmitry Anatolyevich likes those public characters who are loved by the leadership of the USA and some other Western states for making contribution in disorder of the Soviet Union, for making harm to the Russian Federation. Unless it is possible to deny that in our society Mikhail Gorbachev has bad reputation connected with handling-over the whole country to out geopolitical partner?

Therefore involuntarily you come to a sad conclusion about further intentions of the governmental official who awarded Gorbachev for actual treachery. That is, paraphrasing known truth, it is possible to say: “I know who you are if I possess data whom and what fore you appreciate”.

If there was eternity, it is possible not to doubt that glancing from heavens at some characters of the modern Russian supreme policy one man by the name of Adolf smiles with satisfaction and keeps saying: “Good boys, go ahead for you manage to do what my strongest in the world army failed to do”.