Putin Gave 7 Years for Decay of the Army

Ensuring of reliable defense capability of Russia is a priority of state policy of the country leaders against growth of instability and conflicts in the world. It was declared by the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin at the concert devoted to Defender’s Day.

"Instability grows in huge regions of the world. We have to be ready to protect our country and its citizens at any time, to be able to predict situation in the perspective and to develop military potential according to it," — Putin told.

The president reminded that to achieve this purpose till 2020 is planned to update major weapons by 70 percent. The Russian Military and Industrial Complex in which modernization "huge funds" are invested will solve this problem.


From editorial board: Well, just like in the Soviet movie "Moscow Doesn't Trust Tears”: "What happens in the world? – There’s no stability".

They will take offense then that Baranov again called the national leader moron... Meanwhile I don’t apply rough names, I acknowledge. Well it is impossible to broadcast platitude on the whole world even if you address military people.

Instability grows in the world regions and who closed military bases in those regions? Pushkin? Or Putin after all? Cam Ranh, Lourdes... There were also bases in Alexandria and Merce-Matrukhe (Egypt), Latakia and Tartus (Syria), Dakhlak (Ethiopia), Socotra and Aden (Yemen), Luanda (Angola), Conakry (Guinea), Tripoli and Tobruk (Libya), Bizerta and Sfax (Tunisia), Split and Tivat (Yugoslavia). Plus intercept stations: Poland (Svinoustye), Germany (Rostock), Finland (Porkkala-Udd), Somalia (Berbera), Syria (Tartus), Yemen (Hodeida), Ethiopia (Nokra), Egypt and Libya.

How can Russia today affect situation slightly further own nose having no opportunity to refuel its ships - having no carrier groups?

On the Euro-Asian battlefield - what could be done without mass of the armored equipment 22 times reduced during Putin board? Without frontline aviation which was also subjected to radical reduction? What could be done with the army which number is less than one million when the People's Republic of China has 2,2 million in the field army and 7 million in active mobilization reserve, India - 1,5 million and 3,5 million respectively and even Democratic People's Republic of Korea - 1,1 million and 6 million. There are also Pakistan, Turkey and Iran with semi-million personnel armies and mobilization reserves up to one and a half million (Turkey and Pakistan) and the whole 12 million (Iran).

The Russian army during Putin's board got 2.5 times reduced. It is less, than the Ministry for Interior and only slightly bigger, than FSB and FSO. So, where is the main enemy of Putin's Russia - outside or inside?

Well, if it isn't a shame to speak about updating of arms systems by 70 percent by 2020? I believe in huge funds, I believe that all of them will be mastered - the State Duma got thinned when they began to expel deputies for foreign real estate and foreign business. Soon we will start loosing generals in packs – the sums are enormous after all...

Though if for 20 years the country didn't create any serial type of new military equipment, if there are bases to propose that suddenly something will exchange in it for the forthcoming 7 years?

Basis of Long-Range aviation is quite unsuccessful strategic Tu-160 bomber plus outdated long ago but reliable Tu-95. It seems that strategic aviation doesn’t use Tu-22Ūů any longer. In any case, during the war with Georgia they were applied as frontline bombers that is wildness in itself. As to a new strategic bomber, these are still only conversations about PAK DA - whether it means that in 7 years new "strategist" will be not only developed, taken into service but also mass-produced having replace outdated planes by 70 percent? What idiot one should be to believe in it?

Whether it is necessary to understand that T-50 having hanged at a stage of experimental plane is future fighter of the fifth generation and it will receive nonexistent while engines and arms (without speaking about avionics), will pass all flight tests, will join the ranks and already tens serial cars will be put into mass production? In 7 years?

As to the perspective ballistic missile "Voivoda — 2", the developers requested essentially more than 7 years on creation of a remake of the Soviet "Voivoda", so we shouldn’t wait for its replacement. There is also potential of the solid-fuel missile "Topol" which mass production is arranged, but its rates won't allow to update 70 percent of RVSN in 7 years in any way, especially if to consider the fact that on the weight thrown solid-fuel missiles significantly concede liquid one, that is there should be more of the, for replacement.

Fleet updating by 70 percent is not even a myth, it’s fantasy story. For now there’s only one destroyer of the size of the cruiser for maintenance of disabled "Mistrals" which, it seems, started being assembled in France. There are also three tens small and auxiliary ships at different stages of construction. There are three submarines "Boreas" which have no "Bulava" yet. That is there is no new ship of the first rank, not speaking about aircraft carriers.

The main thing is that it remains absolutely unclear where all this will be produced? Mass production has been disorganized, there are no experts, there’s nobody to train new specialists and there are no means of production...

Military men are so insignificant that applauded this manilovism - probably, happiness from Serdyukov's replacement deprived them of the remains of unsteady mind. It’s like in a funny story about a goat which should be first taken into the house and then be taken out to feel happiness. If they didn’t succeed in destroying army with the use of serdyukovshchina – they will do it using manilovism. Money will really be given and the army, in the manner of the Turkish one in the beginning of the 20th century, will go wrong itself at the expense of corruption.

No other logic can be seen here. That were Romans who said that where the donkey loaded with gold will cope there, where the army failed...

Šnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk