Recent headlines more and more often announce mysterious hangings in the strange lands. Boris Berezovsky who was found on a floor in the locked bathroom of mansion in Askota with his scarf lying near, Alexander Dolmatov in deportation prison in the Netherlands … However the death of “prisoner X” in protected wing of a high-security prison

Ayalon” in the Israeli Raml stuffed with watch facilities is the most mysterious hanging. All similar cases are sooner or later officially called suicides.

I think, everything’s clear with Boris Berezovsky's death. I managed to read a riddle with the death of Alexander Dolmatov thanks to the help of kind people. "Prisoner X" has no relation to Russia, but he also, according to the official version, hang up, legal investigation also has international character, mass media also covers it widely (or, as usual, hide) …

So, last month district court of Lod permitted publication of details of the story of "prisoner X”. Name – Ben Zeyger. Citizen of Australia. He hang up in Ayalon prison in Raml-Lod in 2010. Ben Zeyger emigrated from Australia to Israel 12 years ago. He was called Ben Alon Izraeli in Israel. Quite a lot of details and quite fast publication taking into account the fact that previous judgment (district court of Petah Tikva) was simpler: it is forbidden to publish about this case everything, including fact of ban of publication. However international scandal, speeches of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia with the requirement to have explanations, parliamentary inquiries of the members of Knesset, human rights organizations did their part. The public learned name and nationality of the victim as well as year of his death.

Besides, it became clear that Ben Zeyger really moved from Australia to Israel and tried to get job in "Mossad". At the end of 2003 he passed all tests and started a year course of training in the Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations of Israel.

Zeyger received his first task in 2005: to penetrate into the Italian company which very actively worked in Iran. It would allow him to come into contacts in Iran. Zeyger found contact with clients very well, but he had one, but very big shortcoming: fast loss of interest and motivation. The guy didn't like clerical work. Therefore at the end of 2006 management of the company dismissed him.

From Italy Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations of Israel sent him to Eastern Europe, but the guy constantly made mistakes and was incapable to get information. Therefore in summer of 2007 he was ordered to return to Israel and brought out of structure of "Caesarea" (agents obtaining information abroad). For service in "Keshet" (supervision and pickup of information) he had no technical training therefore Zeyger was defined into analytical service "Tsomet". Thus Australian adventurer against his will became bureaucrat.

On May, 16, 2009 the Lebanese commando arrested Siada al-Homsi in his house in a valley of Bekaa on suspicion in espionage in favor of Israel. Al-Homsi was war hero, for many years he was the mayor of the community. Lebanese couldn't believe results of police investigation: since 2006 al-Homsi was paid Israeli agent, he earner so about 100 thousand US dollars.

Operational pseudonym al-Homsi in the Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations was "Indian". According to sources in "Mossad", he was very valuable agent. The chief of counterintelligence of Lebanon recognized exposure of al-Homsi the largest achievement for all his career. Al-Homsi was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment with hard labor, later he was amnestied.

However during the same spring of 2009 the Lebanese wonderfully found several other participants of the Israeli spy ring in Lebanon. Moustapha Ali Awadi - operational pseudonym "Zuzi" - one of leading members of Hezbollah was among them.

Nevertheless, it’s impossible to catch all spies and Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations of Israel received information from Lebanon that members of Hezbollah brag about their agent in "Mossad" who was at the time of conversation in Australia.

Zeyger was at that time afflicted with office service and asked for permission to get Master Degree in the field of business management at university Monash in the Australian Melbourne. There he was under the name Ben Allen. The Institute of Israel continued to pay him salary during his stay in Australia.


Approximately in October, 2009 the Australian intelligence services began Zeyger's check suspecting him in participation in operation "Mossad" in the Australian territory.

Soon after that, in December, 2009 Institute called Zeyger to come to the center where he was arrested for interrogation in connection with information from Beirut.

Counterspies of "Mossad" found out that Zeyger perceived "shuffling of papers" in "Tsomet" as degradation and tried to look for new sources on own initiative – possibly to rehabilitate himself and to return to work "in the field".

During questioning Zeyger confessed that he several times met representative of Hezbollah in the Eastern Europe – ostensibly so that to enlist the one as informant. Nevertheless, representative of Hezbollah reported about each meeting to Beirut. He hinted Zeyger at his interest in cooperation with him, thus coordinating all steps with secret service of Hezbollah. That operation was supervised personally by Hasan Nasrallah.

Eventually, Zeyger (ostensibly as the proof of his connection with "Mossad") "merged" Siad al-Homsi and Moustapha Ali Awadi who were as a result arrested by the Lebanese authorities.

Disk with materials from “Tsomet” was found with Zeyger at arrest.

"Mossad", certainly, decided to use Zeyger as example. The lawyer was told that his client would stay in prison at least ten years.

In connection with death of "prisoner X" the Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations of Israel gave official comment: our task was to keep him in prison and to isolate, not to let him be alive.

Parents were told that there’s no place for Zeyger on the Israeli cemeteries. Eventually, they buried the son on the Jewish cemetery in Australia.

I will refrain from comments, everyone can make own, probably, very different conclusions from this one and other similar stories.